Older Adult Ministries

Fairlington’s Older Adult Ministry was consecrated on December 22, 2002. The objectives of the ministry are:

1. To fully involve older adults in every phase of worship, ministry, and mission.

2. To keep our older adults who no longer drive or can no longer attend Fairlington on Sunday morning because of physical impairment within our fellowship using programs of shepherding, visitation,  and communion delivery .

3. To promote intergenerational fellowship experiences such as the Foster Grandparent Program so that our traditions and commitment to the faith and to each other may be transmitted to generation after generation.


Foster Grandparent Program

This program matches middle and high school youth with older adults for visitation, occasional church gatherings, and sharing. The highlights of the program include the annual high tea, which honors the paired grandparents/grandchildren.  The group sponsors other activities, such as the July ice cream social which brings church members and Fairlington neighbors of all ages together to socialize.  If you are a youth 6th grade through 12th grade and you desire to become a foster grandchild, or if you are an adult member of the congregation, 60+ years old and desire to be a grandparent to one of our youth, contact the church office at 703.671.8557.


Fairlington In Touch

These are church members who have a special relationship with one of our older members and serve by regularly visiting them at home or a retirement community or nursing home. Some members do more than simply visit, and actually act as “shepherds” for persons who need an occasional ride to the doctor’s office or to have an errand run. If you feel the call to serve members of our church family in this way, contact the church office at 703.671.8557 or office@fairlingtonumc.org.


Aged to Perfection (ATP) 

Fairlington’s Aged to Perfection group shares Christian fellowship and a love of adventure, as they make monthly trips to locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Many of the trips are to historic landmarks, while others are to regional theaters for plays or musicals. Lunch always follows, either on site or at a nearby restaurant. The group generally meets the 3rd Thursday of the month, and meets in January to plan the trips for the entire year. Some recent trips have included: The George Washington Masonic Temple, The National Portrait Gallery, the Riverside Dinner Theater, Hillwood Mansion, and Gunston Hall Plantation. Click the link above to see our current list of trips.

Communion Delivery

Fairlington pastors and lay members are available to deliver Holy Communion to those who are homebound or hospitalized on a Communion Sunday. If you or a friend or relative wishes Communion delivered, please contact the church office to have your name included. You will be contacted by the pastor/lay person prior to their visit.

Blog Posts

9 Ways to Embrace Gratitude and Joy

Posted by FUMC on July 5, 2018 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

  1. Keep a gratitude journal or calendar where you write down one thing each day for which you are thankful.
  2. Make a gratitude jar or box for the same purpose.
  3. At mealtimes say grace and then share around the table one thing for which you are thankful.
  4. Thank the people who serve you each day: the barista, clerk, banker, trash collector, etc.
  5. Write a letter of gratitude to a teacher, coach, old friend or mentor, or former pastor.
  6. Find a gratitude partner and share together daily or weekly.
  7. Tell someone how much they mean to you.
  8. Put a positive spin on your negative thoughts (You’re home with a sprained ankle but you get to read the book you’ve had by your chair for months.)
  9. Go on a gratitude walk, carefully observing and saying thank…

Reconciling Notes

Download Here: Our 5 Year History as a Reconciling Congregation

We celebrate Fairlington's 5-year anniversary of becoming a Reconciling Congregation, intentionally welcoming all people as beloved children of God.

Our celebratory theme, “Love in All Colors,” reflects the breadth and diversity of God’s human creation as proclaimed in our church’s welcoming statement.

Check out our audio for personal testimonies from FUMC members. They share how being part of a reconciling congregation has personally affected them and shaped their faith journey.

~Mark Elder, markuselder@gmail.com


Follow this link http://bit.ly/5yearReconciling to see the extensive work and accomplishments of this :church and its Reconciling Ministry Team over the last five years, since we became a reconciling congregation in February 2013.  Thank you church!


Fairlington UMC is a 

Reconciling Congregation with open hearts, open minds, and open doors. We proclaim and welcome every person as a beloved child of God regardless of age, race, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, faith history, or life experience.

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