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Welcome to Fairlington's online community! 

You may browse the site as a general user, and you'll be able to find out about church events, learn about volunteer information, and more. 

You may also use the site as a member, after you've submitted a memership request and been approved by the site administrator. This process does not take long. You will be asked to create a username and password. Please keep this information private. For the purposes of this online community, Site Members are not the same as official Fairlington UMC members.

You may be a member of the online community without being an official member of Fairlington UMC, however you must have some sort of prior relationship with the church (as a prior member, worshiper, or someone who is considering joining the church or a small group) to be accepted as a member of the online community. Fairlington is making every effort to keep members safe online.

Site members must also be 13 years of age or older to join. Please take a moment to browse some tips for teens and tips for parents online.

As a member of this online community, you'll have access to more of our social network. Visit Site Help for more specific information about components of the social network.

Members may blog, upload photos and embed videos from another host (like YouTube), and generally share their thoughts about any issues they would like to discuss in a discussion forum, blog, or in many other ways. Members may not post anonymously here.

We ask that you be mindful of what you share and write, the language you use, and please familiarize yourself with the privacy settings available to you. For instance, you may not share photographs of children unless they are your own, or unless you have the permission of the parents of those in the photo. You should also use language online that you'd use within the church walls.  Also take a look at the email settings.  You have control over what email notifications you receive, and you can even turn off email notifications completely if you want to browse the website for new activity rather than filling up your inbox.

If a site member posts something inappropriate or vulgar, or isn't mindful of another member's privacy, site administrators will remove the offensive material.

Fairlington UMC will not sell or give away your personal information. You may receive emails or communications from small groups you belong to on this site, or in the form of a group message sent from the church office or a designated volunteer website administrator. You may receive occasional emails from, which is the platform on which this site is built.

You may read Ning's terms of use here. Ning's terms of use are universal to all sites built on the Ning platform, so include Fairlington's online community site.

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