Methodism's Split Over Same-Sex Marriage

I didn't get a chance to read much of the Sunday New York Times yesterday, but I was scanning it over breakfast today and ran across this story:

Caught in Methodism's Split Over Same-Sex Marriage

I find this story fascinating because not only is it theological, it's also personal. The man featured in the article, Rev. Dr. Thomas Ogletree, is a high-profile person in the Methodist Church (he is the former dean of Yale Divinity School), and his son is gay. When he performed his son's marriage ceremony, he broke the official laws of the church. This story in the Times describes his movement on this issue within the church, and what the implications are as the church decides how to move forward on his particular case and on same-sex marriage in general. There is a group called Methodists in New Directions mentioned in the article and I browsed their website for awhile as well. 

I can't help but think that when my kids grow up, they'll look back on this time in history with regard to gay rights with bewilderment and disbelief, the same way I do when I think about couples of different races being prohibited from marrying in certain states. I find this Times story very interesting and I'm glad our congregation has taken a very visible, vocal, and positive step toward recognizing the all people - and couples! - are welcome in the kingdom of God.

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Comment by Sue Dishuck Gunter on May 8, 2013 at 9:09am

I just heard about Dr. Ogletree last night and that other ministers have responded to the story by bravely stating that they, too, have performed same-sex marriages.  My hope is that their stories will bring some positive change to the UMC.  From the outside, the church's rejection of persons - any persons - is seen as hypocrisy and keeps individuals from joining a church community.  It separates people from God - the opposite of what we are called to do.

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