Soul Food: Mindful Eating as a Spiritual Discipline

      Soon after I arrived at Fairlington United Methodist Church, the Przystawiks hosted a dinner at their home so Pastor Mary Beth and I could get to know some of you and others from the church. As soon as I walked into their backyard, I was in awe. Plants budding with produce, chickens laying fresh eggs, and bees buzzing in and out of their hive making honey. The food they prepared was delectable. True yard to table, using ingredients grown right where we were standing.

     This year, although they don't have produce to pick yet, their garden is booming with potential. In this picture, Tom is holding a branch of their Asian Pear tree, one of the fruit trees they hope this year will finally bear fruit. Already present in their garden are nanking cherries, elberberry, serviceberry, spicebush, plums, pears, and apricots, all of which will soon be edible.

     Their commitment to growing food with their own hands and using their hands to creatively prepare dishes served at their table, is a beautiful example of mindful cooking and eating. They don’t have to imagine but can know the food’s journey, where was it grown, what it looked like while growing, who planted, and harvested it. Then with great appreciation they can say thank you to God for that journey.

     How are you mindful of the journey of the food you eat? Can eating connect you deeply with God?


~Pastor Devon Earle


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