I used to think that the Bible was dictated by God, and the authors wrote down exactly what God said.  I was pretty young when I thought this.  As I grew up, three things influenced my understanding.   One was my father’s preaching.  He encouraged me to think about the scriptures as not literal but inspired.  Another was the teaching of Dr. Ed Bauman.  A 16 mm projector used in a class meant for adults introduced me to this engaging and life-changing Bible teacher.  And then I went to college where Drs. Fred Kellogg and Maurice Luker taught me how the Bible came to be.


To learn about  the amazing process of stories told and retold, of letters written and passed along, of poetry put to music in worship, of history recorded over the years through the eyes of faith amazed me more than the concept of Godly dictation.  And then to hear about faithful leaders who came together to prayerfully decide which of all these writings would become the Bible is fascinating.   This is what I believe now:  God inspired this very human process to bring us the Word that transforms our lives.  It is the Holy Bible.   This is our theme Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 am.  Join us!


Pastor Mary Beth 



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