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Fairlington United Methodist Church loves children and their families.  And, we offer a family friendly environment and a full range of programs that will meet children’s developmental needs from infancy to high school.  Sunday School takes place from 9:30-10:30 a.m. each Sunday and offers the opportunity for children to become grounded in the stories of the Christian faith. A team of two teachers leads each class, fostering the development of a strong faith based relationship between the teacher and student that provides the children a safe, warm, and welcoming environment.

A variety of special programs are also offered, including seasonal programs year around, as well as traditional programs like Vacation Bible School.  Our special programs provide open ended experiences for the children to encounter God’s Word with one another, in a fun, engaging environment.  Children are welcome as full participants in the worship life of the church and are invited to be as much a part of worship as their family desires.  We also provide special child centered worship opportunities throughout the year and children regularly participate in worship leadership.  

For information on Infants and Toddlers, click here:  Infants and Toddlers

For information on Preschoolers, click here:  Preschoolers

For information on Elementary Ages, click here:  Elementary Ages

Baptism:  In the United Methodist Church, we offer infant baptism for our children and their families, fully recognizing the presence of God’s grace in the lives of our littlest ones.  The covenant of Baptism also brings with it an understanding of the critical nature of community.  The child is baptized into the family of God, and we all covenant to care for and share the love of God with the child.

Holy Bible:  When the child reaches the third grade, we offer the child the opportunity to receive a Bible.  At this time in their life, there is a heightened awareness and ability to learn the story of God and God’s redemption of humanity.  A child is ready to read and learn on their own and begin to think about how their own story is part of God’s narrative.  The Holy Bible is presented to the child in worship- a ceremony underscoring the importance of scripture in our lives.

Children in Worship:  You can find more information on how we support and engage our families with children related to worship, click here:  Children in Worship


Our Volunteers:  All programs for children and youth are led by trained, loving adults dedicated to sharing their faith with our children.  These adults also agree to uphold our Child Protection Policy.  Our Child Protection Policy is a comprehensive document outlining the directives in place for protecting our children.  All volunteers are required to have a full Background Check completed by a third party.  Fairlington UMC is also a participant in the Safe Sanctuaries program, the official child safety program of the United Methodist Church.

If you have a question regarding our ministry to children,

click here:  I Have a Question


Blog Posts

For All the Saints

Posted by FUMC on October 31, 2018 at 4:52pm 0 Comments

We give you thanks, O God,

for all the saints who ever worshiped you

Whether in brush arbors or cathedrals,

Weathered wooden churches or crumbling cement meeting houses

Where your name was lifted and adored.


We give you thanks, O God, for hands lifted in praise:

Manicured hands and hands stained with grease or soil,

Strong hands and those gnarled with age

Holy hands

Used as wave offerings across the land.


We thank you, God, for hardworking saints;

Whether hard-hatted or steel-booted,

Head ragged or aproned,

Blue-collared or three-piece-suited

They left their mark on the earth for you, for us, for our children to come.


Thank you, God, for the tremendous sacrifices

made by those who…


Reconciling Notes

Immigration 101: 

 Sunday, September 23, in the Fellowship Hall immediately after the 11:00AM service. Light lunch to be served.

An Overview of U.S. Immigration Law

Do you ever wonder about immigration laws?

What’s a visa, a green card, DACA?

Why immigrants don’t just apply for citizenship?

Would you like to have a better understanding of immigration rules in a non-political format?


Lunch will be followed by Just Neighbors presenting an easy to understand overview of the ins and outs of our country’s very complex immigration system.


Regardless of your political views, this presentation will focus on facts about who is eligible for the various types of legal status in the U.S. and what the various types mean. There will be time for Q&A. 


No RSVP necessary, just come! For more information contact Mark Elder



Co-hosted by FUMC’s Reconciling Ministry Team

and the Church in Society Team.


Download Here: Our 5 Year History as a Reconciling Congregation

We celebrate Fairlington's 5-year anniversary of becoming a Reconciling Congregation, intentionally welcoming all people as beloved children of God.

Our celebratory theme, “Love in All Colors,” reflects the breadth and diversity of God’s human creation as proclaimed in our church’s welcoming statement.

Check out our audio for personal testimonies from FUMC members. They share how being part of a reconciling congregation has personally affected them and shaped their faith journey.

~Mark Elder,


Follow this link to see the extensive work and accomplishments of this :church and its Reconciling Ministry Team over the last five years, since we became a reconciling congregation in February 2013.  Thank you church!


Fairlington UMC is a 

Reconciling Congregation with open hearts, open minds, and open doors. We proclaim and welcome every person as a beloved child of God regardless of age, race, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, faith history, or life experience.

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